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How to run the unit tests in Eclipse IDE

Unit Tests (in the web folder)

  • Check that the option Project > Build Automatically is turned off.
  • Write your unit test
  • In a command line window run ant clean all yunit yunitweb. We compile the code of all the tests.
  • Refresh all the projects in Eclipse
  • Open the class with the unit test in Eclipse.
  • Select Run As > Junit Test
  • If it doesn't find the classes with the tests, you would have to correct the classpath of the running configuration:
    • Go to Run Configurations… in Eclipse
    • Select the configuration of the unit test and go to the tab Classpath
    • Click on the button Add projects… and add all the projects which you have on your workspace. You could also add platform and all the extensions which depend on your current one.
    • Click on Apply
    • Run the unit test.
  • If it still doesn't work:
    • Close and open all the projects in Eclipse. Sometimes Eclipse fails to see the changes.

Here is the official Hybris documentation of Hybris 4.x

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