Search and Navigation in the hybris Commerce Accelerator - Key Concepts and Features

The accelerators comes integrated with the Solr Search Engine.

Key Concepts

  • It uses the default configuration of the solrfacetsearch extension.
    • ValueProvider: Returns the item -usually a model- which is going to be indexed. For example: the approved products.
    • SolrIndexedProperty: Each of the fields which is going to be indexed. It has a fieldValueProvider. For example: The code and description of the product.
      • DisplayName: This a localized atribute and contains the name of the property to show in the frontend.
    • FieldValueProvider: Returns the value of a field which is going to be indexed. For example: It calculates the price which is going to be stored in the Solr Index.
    • Facets: Property used to filter the results of Solr.
      • SolrValueRange: It groups the possible values of a solrIndexedProperty under a label. For example: “€ 10-19” groups all the prices between EUR 10.0 and 19.99. It is used with facets.
      • SolrValueRangeSet: It contains many SolrValueRanges. It used by SolrIndexedProperties which are multivalued.
  • The commerceservices extension extends solrfacetsearch
  • productSearchService exposes methods to search products or other business objects.
  • productSearchFacade does the same but it returns ProductData
    • The seachStateData is used to initiated the search.
    • The productSearchPageData contains the query, the products, the paging information, available sorts and the applied filters (search breadcrumbs) and facets and available facets.
  • The solr index must only include purchasable products. If you filter the returned products, the totals returned by Solr will be wrong.

To improve the performance, the Solr documents must include all the attributes required to build the product data object of an object. If you are using a search engine, there is no advantage on using it, if you look for values on the database after you get the data from the search engine.

Key Features

  • Search by category or using a free text
  • Full or incremental indexing
  • Multiply categories hierarchies (Product Categories, Brands and Classification). A implementation of CategorySource must be developed.
  • Ordering of results. Due to the Solr internal paging, a manual ordering won't work.
    • By Relevance (Solr Score)
  • Localizable names. priority, sorting and muti-select for facets.
  • Links to the classification attributes
  • Category Facets which are treated different as normal facets
  • SearchPageController/CategoryPageController
    • They initiate and continues a search.
    • It uses bookmarkeable URLs
    • Loads the appropriate CMS Page
  • Based on the solrfacetsearch
    • It uses the multi-core mode to allow an index for each Hybris type.
    • SearchQueryPostProcessors and SearchResultPostProcessors can be defined
    • Keyword Redirect: It enables to send the user to a URL or product when he enters some keyword.
    • Stopword: It's a word which is not going to be indexed, for example, in English, “the”, “a” and “in” are stopwords.

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