Commerce Services - Key Concepts and Features

This extension simplifies the access to the B2C ecommerce features.

Key Concepts

  • Cart merging: The anonymous cart of a customer is merged with his cart from his account.
    • This allows the merging of carts which where created in different devices.
    • The CommerceCartMergingStrategy implements the functionality.
    • The methods CommerceCartService.restore*CartAndMerge call this strategy.

Key Features

  • The data objects can be extended using the files *-beans.xml.
  • The commerce cart and checkout services support hooks for the payment authorization, the addition of a product to the cart, the calculation of the cart and placing an order. Attention: They can be disabled using properties.
  • Services
    • Catalogs
      • Commerce Category Service: Looks for categories which belong to the catalogs in the session.
      • Commerce Price Service: Replaces the price service. Only simple price calculations are supported by this service. The price services supports complex calculations.
        • NetGrossStrategy: Determines what type of prices must be shown in the frontend.
        • It allows to send the userTaxGroup.
        • RecalculateExternalTaxesStrategy determines if external taxes must be calculated
        • If true, the CalculateExternalTaxesStrategy, TaxCodeStrategy and TaxAreaLookupStrategy are called.
      • Commerce Product Service: Allows to filter using classification attributes and categories.
    • Orders
      • The Commerce Cart Service: It replaces the CartService and adds promotions and stock calculation and cart merging.
      • Commerce Stock Service replaces Stock Service and add a relation between PointOfService and Warehouse.

If your stock is managed by SAP and you don't have local stock, you have to remove all warehouses from the Hybris database. To remove the stock levels isn't enough. The maximum local stock for a single product will be 99.999.

  • Commerce Checkout Service: replaces Order and Cart Services.
  • Delivery Service: Returns the delivery rules applied to the current store.
  • Customer Account Service
  • CustomerAccountServices not only manages the user profile but also address books, past orders and payment information.
  • Customer Email Resolution Service
  • Secure Token Service used by the forgotten password function.
  • StoreFinderServices replaces StoreLocatorService.
  • CommmerceI18nService provides internationalization settings related to the current store.
  • Commerce Promotion Service
  • Merge Directive Services: Control how properties with lists and maps are be merged in Spring.
  • Changes to the data model
  • product.summary and product.galleryImages: Media Container List
  • customer review have an approval status
  • order.basestore and to track the source of an order.
  • Each Abstract Order Entry may have a point of service.
  •, baseStore.taxGroup, baseStore.StoreLocatorDistanceUnit
  • The DefaultSetupSyncJobService can be configurated using Spring.

–Based on Hybris 6.4


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